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    10.04 2023
    Baby Grinder
    Eureka quality at your fingertips

    Bring Eureka with you, wherever and whenever you want thanks to our Baby Grinder.
    Why choose Baby?

    • Easy to use, thanks to the burrs adjustment system (stepped) from above, Baby allows you to grind quckly and easily, whatever type of extraction you want to obtain.
    • Maximum comfort for your routine, thanks to its slim body combined to the unique flared shape of the jar, Baby fits perfectly every type of hand. The length and shape of the crank are designed to minimize the grind effort.
    • Excellent grind consistency for any kind of coffee extraction, thanks to 48 conical burrs, with a specific Espresso & Brew design to offer excellent and uniform results in any type of extraction methods.
      Special “Gold Energy” treatment developed by Eureka and ITALMILL GRINDING TECHNOLOGY to increase:
      • Burrs lifetime (appr. 50% more
      compared to steel)
      • Grind consistency over time
    attachments   baby grinder digital_catalogue.pdf
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